The Saxophone Academy Sydney is a unique saxophone school that provides world class tuition to saxophone students of all ages and levels.
The Academy creates inspiring and focused classes for those wanting to excel at the instrument, learning from some of Australia's most well known saxophone performers.
SAS creates professional environments and exciting opportunities for saxophonists throughout Australia with unique special events featuring invited saxophonists from all over the world. The Academy is helping to establish a community for both professionals and students around Australia who have a passion for the saxophone.
Envied throughout the world we have had the privilege to present saxophonists such as: Philippe Geiss, Barry Cockcroft, Amy Dickson, Andy Scott, Michael Duke, Christina Leonard, James Nightingale, Niels Bijl, Adrian Tully, Tim Stocker, Fernando Ramos, Joan-Marti Frasquier, Simon Brew, Michael Jamieson.

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